Using Insurance For Counseling

If you have a health insurance policy, it will usually provide some coverage for behavioral health treatment. If you are not on one of the plans I am in-network for, your plan may provide some out-of-network benefits. Please check with member services to determine your benefits for behavioral health outpatient treatment.

I will file directly with your insurance provider for direct payment if I am in-network, though you will be responsible for your deductible, copay, or coinsurance. If you are using out-of-network benefits, payment of my fee will be due at the time of service, and I will provide you with a receipt/superbill that you can use to get reimbursed for some of your out-of-pocket expenses, though with some insurers I can still bill directly. In all cases, you (not your insurance company) are ultimately responsible for full payment of my fees and determining your benefits and your plan's requirements. 

Insurance and Confidentiality

You should be aware that your contract with your health insurance company requires that I provide it with information relevant to the services that I provide to you. I am required to provide a clinical diagnosis. Sometimes I am required to provide additional clinical information such as diagnosis, treatment plans or summaries, or copies of your entire Clinical Record. In such situations, I will make every effort to release only the minimum information about you that is necessary for the purpose requested. This information will become part of the insurance company files and will probably be stored in a computer. Though all insurance companies claim to keep such information confidential, I have no control over what they do with it once it is in their hands. In some cases, they may share the information with a national medical information databank. If you request it I will provide you with a copy of any report I submit. It is important to consider these risks and remember that you usually have the right to pay for my services yourself to avoid the problems described above.

Note: Insurance companies do not reimburse for late cancellation / no show fees.

Career Coaching & Insurance

Insurance does not cover career coaching except to the extent that it is part of our work around behavioral health issues.


I am in-network with these providers:

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield*

  • Medicare*

* Not currently accepting new clients on these plans