Information For New Clients

A good fit is important for successful counseling, so if you don't feel that I am a good fit with you, please feel comfortable to let me know — I will not take it personally. Likewise, I will let you know if I don't think I am the appropriate resource for you. 

As a professional relationship, we need to agree on the terms of our work together. This is spelled out in the Client Information and Consent for Services document and the Georgia Notice Form. Please read these documents thoroughly and bring in (or you can fax or scan/email it to me) the signed signature page which represents your understanding of and agreement to these terms.

Professional relationships are also characterized by payment or compensation for services. My fee is $150 for the initial appointment and $140 for a standard 45 - 50 minute session. The cost to you may vary if you will be using insurance. I accept cash, check, and credit cards for payment. If you prefer to use your credit card, please complete and bring in (or send by fax or email/scan) the Credit/Debit Card Payment Consent Form.

A scheduled appointment means that I am holding time for you. I will provide you with an automated appointment reminder 48 hours in advance. A missed or canceled appointment with less than twenty four hours notice will result in a charge of $75. Please note that insurance will not cover this fee.

Prior to our first meeting, please complete (1) the contact and insurance update form and (2) the biographical information form found at my client portal by using the login information I provided you when we scheduled the appointment (see image below).

Paperwork Summary:

Please read before you come in:

Please complete before you come in:

Please contact (if using insurance):

  • Your insurance provider to determine your benefits, deductible, copay, session limits, and any pre-authorization (if required).

Please bring with you (you may also fax or email a scan):

Client Portal Log In

Client Portal Log In

Client Portal:   Please complete both sections (update & biographical information).

Client Portal: Please complete both sections (update & biographical information).